Pharmacology and Drug Efficacy

The non-clinical pharmacology and pharmacodynamics service department has a professional team with professional backgrounds covering pharmacology, molecular pharmacology, neuropharmacology, cell biology, molecular biology, immunology and veterinary science. The business areas include large scale in vivo and in vitro screening of gene therapy drugs, antibody drugs, cytokines, protein drugs and chemical drugs, and preclinical effectiveness evaluation research applicable to domestic and foreign applications.

Extensive experience in drug screening and a complete set of advanced screening technology support the drug development projects of the entrusting party. It improves the success rate of new drug research and development, reduce research and development expenses and shorten the time for research and development of new drugs.

In vitro detection

Histopathological examination, 13 items of blood biochemistry, blood routine, lymphocyte subsets and cytokines

Electrolyte (potassium/sodium/chlorine/calcium/PH), 4 items of coagulation and urine test

laboratory animal

Nonhuman Primates

  • Rhesus monkey,

  • common marmoset

  • crab eating monkey

  • dolphin tailed monkey


  • Rats

  • Mice

  • Beagle dogs

  • Experimental rabbits