Intelligent Nuclide Imaging -- Profile of Molecular Imaging Center

Topgene Biotechnology Intelligent Radionuclide Imaging Molecular Imaging Center is dedicated to non-human primate molecular imaging drug screening and preclinical evaluation CRO services, and provides molecular imaging drug R & D outsourcing, drug radiolabeling synthesis, new PET imaging agent research, and tumor treatment targeted therapy technology services. It is committed to PET molecular imaging, which combines the molecular imaging technology of functional and structural imaging. It applies imaging means to display specific molecules at the tissue level, cell and subcellular level, reflect the changes at the molecular level in the living state, and conduct qualitative and quantitative drug research on the imaging of its biological behavior. A new 'precision pharmacology' has been realized, which can solve the core problems of drug development. Biodistribution studies with pet drug molecules carrying positron emission radioisotopes can test whether new chemical entities achieve sufficient pharmacological activity of target tissue compartments (e.g. brain). Competitive studies, using radioactive ligands combined with therapeutic targets with sufficient specificity, can directly evaluate the relationship between drug plasma concentration and target occupancy. Tailored radioactive tracers can be used to measure the relative ratio of biological processes, and tissue marker specific radioactive ligands are expected to change accordingly. Treatment can provide specific pharmacodynamic information, insight into disease processes, effectiveness of new therapeutic targets, target / non target organ interactions, action mechanism, biological distribution, etc. The unique characteristics of MI provide an early solution for drug developers to evaluate the key principles of new drug development: the positioning of drug targets, the combination with targets of interest, and the required pharmacological evaluation. Incorporating Mi solutions into new drug development plans will allow drug companies to quickly evaluate results and make important decisions early in the drug development process. We provide preclinical imaging, radiochemistry and data analysis.

Address:1/F Building 5, Lane 67, Libing Road, Putong New District, Shanghai


01.Acquisition of animal model imaging

a. MicroPET (positron emission tomography)

b. Microspect (single photon emission computed tomography)

02. Preclinical and clinical imaging research services for radiochemistry and drugs

c. Positron emission (PET) tracers for non-human primates. (1) Macromolecules: 124I, 89Zr, 64Cu  (2) small molecules: 68Ga, 11C , 18F.

d. Chemical labeling: organic and radiochemical labeling of any drug or tracer

03. To establish a world-class imaging data analysis platform

It can provide real-time analysis of imaging data acquisition and simplify the work flow through specific application tools. The main functions include: brain atlas suitable for rodents and non-human primates, and receptor occupancy studies

04. Clinical study of PET

e. Clinical phase 0 studies: also known as microdose studies.

f. Especially for CNS candidate drugs in nervous system, micro administration is important to study BBB penetration and receptor binding in blood-brain barrier.