Experimental Animal Breeding Center

Topgene Biotechnology has set up experimental animal breeding research centers in Hubei and Guangdong, dedicated to raising experimental non-human primates, including rhesus monkeys, cynomolgus monkeys, marmosets and dolphin tailed monkeys. The Breeding Center of the Company has passed the authoritative certification by the members of National Experimental Animal Expert Committee. By adhering to the scientific, standardized and normalized management policies, it has attached great importance to animal welfare, and established an experimental animal use and management committee to implement the philosophy animal welfare to every employee of the Company, and gradually implement animal welfare measures to facilities and equipment, feeding management, veterinary health care occupational health, emergency plan and many other details.

Experimental animals have clear genetic background, sound and complete pedigree files, with regular quarantine and high quality. They are exported to Europe, America, Japan and South Korea and have been widely recognized and praised by customers.
● Breeding Research Center for Rhesus Monkeys on a large scale in Central China
● Breeding Research Center for Cynomolgus Monkeys on a large scale in South China
● Having customers around the world
● Providing high quality non-primate experiments


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Macaca leonina

Macaca leonina

      Scientific name: macaca leonina. Its body length is 54-62cm, the body is relatively strong, the top of the head is flat, with radiated black brown top hair. The hair around the face is inclined to the rear, and the hair around the ear is inclined to the front, which is connected with each other like a girdle. The hair color of the whole body is light yellowish brown, but the color of the back midline is dark, slightly showing a ridge pattern. The tail is slender and often upturned, showing an 'S' shape. The tail is two-colored, the back is dark, and the belly is ochre. The tail is fluffy and looks like a broom or pigtail. The tail is less than a quarter of its length. The whole body is light yellowish brown, the hair on the top of the head is short, and the radiation is arranged into a brown flat top area, like a hat; Most of the hair on the tail is short and sparse, which looks like a pig's tail. The hair on the face and temporal needs grows obliquely to the rear, and the hair side around the ear grows forward, which is connected to each other like a girdle. Porpoise tailed monkeys distributed in Tibet, China, and it has a dark upper body, an orange face, a dark brown back to tail, and a reddish black neck and back of head; the top of the head is black, and both sides are earthy yellow and red; and the abdomen is yellow white or gray white.

    The tailed monkeys are the only animal primates that can be infected with HIV-1 and have aids like symptoms.

Animals welfare

  Every progress in human medicine is accompanied by the great sacrifice of experimental animals. Topgene Biotechnology is dedicated to ensuring a high level of animal welfare while improving the quality of human life. In Topgene, animal welfare does not only mean a clean and safe environment and adequate nutrition, but also includes providing animals with the best feeding conditions and experimental procedures to reduce the survival pressure and pain of animals and ensure their health. We provide a high quality animal welfare security system:

● Having established the Laboratory Animal Management and Use Committee (IACUC)
● Senior veterinarians supervise the implementation of animal welfare and animal health
● Adequate respect for animals
● To minimize animal discomfort
●To ensure that the behavior and experimental process of each employee will meet the corresponding standards
● In case of any behavior that does not meet the ethical standards, take immediate corresponding remedial measures