Profile of Hubei Topgene Xinsheng Technology Co., Ltd.

Hubei Topgene Xinsheng Technology Co., Ltd. (short form as Topgene Xinsheng) is a subsidiary under Hubei Topgenge Biotechnology Co., Ltd. The Company is located at 12 Sandao Street, Wuchang District, Wuhan (formerly in Hubei Institute of Pharmaceutical Industry). It is dedicated to the research and evaluation technology of pharmacokinetics (PK), pharmacodynamics (PD), CMA test and biological analysis of various drugs (traditional Chinese medicine, chemical drugs and biotechnology drugs) providing professional and efficient nonclinical drug research and evaluation service for scientific research institutes and pharmaceutical manufacturers engaged in drug research and development. Now, Topgene Xinsheng boasts more than 30 employees, with those employees having master’s degree or above accounting for 37%. It has 150 sets of LC-MS/MS, MSD, multifunctional enzyme labeling instruments, UPLC and other instruments and equipment. The company covers a total area of about 2500m2, including 1000m2 of laboratory and 1500m2 of animal facilities (280m2 of barrier environment and 1220m2 of ordinary environment). It has 200 monkey cages, capable of carrying out animal tests of SPF level rats, mice, guinea pigs, ordinary monkeys, dogs, miniature pigs, rabbits, etc.


Scope of Business

● Nonclinical efficacy trials of new drugs

● Nonclinical pharmacokinetic trials of new drugs

● Bioanalysis

●Qualified health examination of national experimental monkeys before they are delivered and released (under construction)