Biological analysis

The analysis department boasts a professional scientific research team, and is provided with advanced instruments and equipment, carries out integrated information management, and experimental research following the GLP/GCLP standardized management. The service content involves pharmacokinetics, pharmacodynamics, immunogenicity, bioequivalence, etc. It can carry out the screening and development of macromolecular drugs, small molecule drugs, macromolecular drugs and biomarkers, non clinical research, provide the writing, analysis, summary and statistical analysis of biological sample analysis schemes that meet the application requirements, and submit analysis reports.

Our advantages

Professional scientific research team
Advanced instruments and equipment
Comprehensive information management
Follow GLP/GCLP standardized management

LC-MS / MS method development and methodological validation

Develop, transfer and optimize LC-MS / MS for the determination of drug concentration in biological matrix. Methodology validation can be completed quickly in a short time to support the needs of potential projects.